Bentley Utilities Contacts:  


Evergy; Customer Service: 1-800-383-1183




Kansas Gas Service;

Customer Service: 1-800-794-4780


Water, Solid Waste (Trash) & Recycle, and Sewer:

City of Bentley: 316-796-1799 


Cable Television Service & High-Speed Internet:

IdeaTek - 620-543-5000

or 1-855-IDEATEK


Pixius Internet Service - 316-219-8500

or 800-577-5429


KanOkla - 800-526-6552 


For your convenience, City utility bills can be paid in person during business hours, online, by mail, via monthly ACH direct from your bank account, or payment can be placed in the drop box located to the left of the front door of City Hall at any time.

The City of Bentley operates a Municipal Waste Water/Sewer System and a Municipal Water System.  New residents moving to a location that already has city utilities will need to apply for city services at Bentley City Hall.  For new connections, a permit must be obtained at City Hall.  Water taps will be done by city personnel.  

Each household is billed monthly for sewer service, solid waste (trash) removal, recycling and water service.

  The city contracts with Waste Connections from Wichita for the weekly removal of solid waste from residences.  Trash pickup is on Thursdays except for certain holidays. Trash carts are provided and must be placed at the designated pick-up on the day scheduled.  Recycle items are picked up by Waste Connections every other Thursday. The trash and recycle schedule is on the calendar on our home page and listed in the City Newsletter enclosed in the monthly statement. 

811 - Know what’s below.  Call before you dig.  The City of Bentley is a member of Kansas OneCall.   You must call before you dig.  It is a State of Kansas Law.  This is so that all of the utility companies that you serve your property can be notified to come to your property and mark the location of their utility lines for safety purposes.  If you plan to do any excavation you need to call:   811

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