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2022 Court Dates
  • January 20th

  • March 17th

  • May 19th

  • July 21st

  • September 15th

  • November 17th

All court dates are held at Bentley City  Hall at 7:00 pm. 

Diversion Guidelines:
If you have been charged with speeding, you may be eligible for the Speeding Diversion Program. All diversions must be approved by the City Prosecutor.
You may be eligible for a diversion if you:

  1. Have not been convicted of a moving violation in this or any other state or municipality within the last year.

  2. Have not previously participated in a diversion for a moving violation within the last year.

  3. Have not been convicted of a DUI or serious offense within the previous five years.

  4. Have a valid drivers license.

  5. Have current liability insurance.

You are not eligible for a diversion if you:

  1. Have a CDL drivers license

  2. Were speeding 20 mph or more than posted speed limit

  3. Attempted to elude

  4. Driving while suspended

  5. Speeding in a school or construction zone

  6. Had an accident while speeding

  7. Were driving recklessly

Diversion Application Fee: $25.00 (non-refundable)

To apply for a diversion, fill out the application below and return it to City Hall with the application fee.

If your application for diversion is accepted, you will enter into an agreement for

pre-trial diversion. At the time you sign your diversion agreement, you must pay all fines, court fees, and an additional $75.00 for diversion. 

The city will defer charges against you for 6 months. If you do not receive any further traffic citations during the diversion period of six months, you will receive a letter informing you all charges are dismissed and the ticket will not go on your record.

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