History of Bentley

Bentley, located in Eagle Township in northwest Sedgwick County, was established as a town in 1888, however it wasn’t incorporated until November 12, 1959 when it was declared a third class city of the State of Kansas.  The town’s founder is Orsemus Hills Bentley (O.H. Bentley), who was a well-known lawyer, historian, author and leader in Wichita during the 1880s. He also served on the board of the Kansas Midland Railway which used to run though the town of Bentley.

 Rich in history, the Bentley area once supported two grain elevators, one of which now sits, restored and renamed as the “Arkansas Valley Elevator” at Cowtown Museum in Wichita.  While many of the older business are no longer in Bentley, the town continues to grow in size and population, and improvements continue to take place.  The latest being a new residential area on the east side of Bentley. 

Bentley is proud of the history and the town’s vision which includes growth, education and a safe place to live where every face is familiar. 


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