Codes and regulations

The City of Bentley has adopted the Sedgwick County Animal Code, the Sedgwick County Fire Code as well as the Sedgwick County Building, Electrical, Mechanical, Plumbing and Manufactured Housing codes.  Under these codes, the following licenses/permits are required:


Dog Licenses:

Dog Licenses are required by Sedgwick County Animal Control.   All dogs and cats must be vaccinated against rabies and you must provide proof of rabies vaccination when you purchase your dog license.  The telephone number for Sedgwick County Animal Control is (316) 660-7070 or it is also available online.  Pets must be confined to the owner’s property; it is against the law for dogs to run loose.

Burn permit: 

A burn permit is required for open burning of brush and tree debris, and is allowed to be burned at a  minimum distance of 100 ft. from any structure with a maximum allowable wind speed of 15 mph.  Burn permits are to be obtained and fee paid in advance of open burning at any county fire station or online at

 Local News Information: 

A City Newsletter is published monthly and mailed to each resident along with their city bill.  Legal publications and other Bentley news items are published in the weekly Harvey County Independent newspaper. To subscribe to the Harvey County Independent, contact the newspaper at  316-835-2235.


 Before you plant that tree or shrub

Do you know where easements and public right-of-ways are located on your property? Do you know where your property’s boundaries are located? Do you know where your setbacks are located?  Before you do any planting of trees or shrubs, make sure you do not plant something that is located in a utility easement or street right-of-way.  If an object, such as a storage shed, is placed in an easement, it must be on skids so that it can be moved, if necessary.



 Permits are required in Bentley.  If you are planning to do:

  • Any construction (new building/house, additions, alterations, remodeling)

  • Roofing

  • Siding

  • Plumbing 

  • Mechanical work in an existing building such as heating and/or air conditioning installation, water heater installation, etc

  • Electrical work 

  • Demolition of structure

  • Moving an existing structure (including manufactured housing) onto your property

 You must obtain a permit prior to starting the project.  Permits are also required for sewer and water       connections.  All permits must be obtained at City Hall and fees paid to the City of Bentley.  Sedgwick   County Code Enforcement provides the inspection for any projects covered under their codes.