Welcome to Bentley!

We're glad you are here! 

Enjoy peaceful, country-style living in a safe, close-knit community only minutes away from the big city. Bentley’s convenient location, near the center of the triangle formed by the metropolitan areas of Wichita, Hutchinson and Newton, makes it a desirable location for business and homeowners.  Easy access is available to either of three major highways; the
four-lane expressway of K-96; Federal Highway U.S. 50; or Interstate I-135.  Residents often commute to one of those three metropolitan areas for work, while enjoying small town living and small town schools.
Welcome home!

Upcoming Events

  • Park & Rec Meeting June 8th @ 7pm

  • Land Bank Meeting June 10th @ 6:15pm

  • Utility Bill Due June 15th 

  •  Commodities are June 16th 1pm location Senior Center 

  • CITYWIDE Garage Sales June 19th

  • Coffee and Donuts with Chief Tim and the Police Officers 7:30am-9am June 25th @ City Hall  

  • CITYWIDE Clean up June 26th



City Council Meeting

June 10th Council Meeting 7pm

June 24th Council Meeting 7pm


All meetings may be subject to change


City of Bentley Burn Site

The burn site for the City of Bentley opening day is April 10th, 2021 and will be open the second Saturday of each Month. Hours are 10am - 12pm. Please contact the City Hall 316-796-1799 to have the Public Works unlock the gate.

The Bentley Police Department is now offering house checks to those citizens who are going to be out of town and want someone to check on their house. 

Stop by City Hall for the form or call 316-796-1799 for more information. 

      Citywide Garage Sales are

                 June 19th, 2021!

      Citywide Cleanup will be on

                  June 26th, 2021!

Citywide Clean-up is fast approaching! Here are the guidelines for pick-up:

· Items MUST be brought to the street for curbside pickup.

· Waste Connections will make one pass through the city.

· All items being collected need to be able to be handled by one person

· Tree limbs and branches must be cut in 3 ft lengths and bundled.

· Any trash not in the trash cart must be in throwaway containers like boxes or bags no more than 30 gallons in capacity and be under 40 pounds.

· Items NO landfill will take: Car batteries, oil filters, fluorescent light bulbs, propane tanks, any asbestos materials, explosives, paint (unless empty or dried up), hazardous liquids, and tires.

· Refrigerators, freezers, and air conditioners must be tagged by a technician and have appropriate paperwork with it.

· If these rules are not adhered to, items may not be picked up.



The Sedgwick County Animal Control has teamed up with the City of Bentley to now register your dog for the Sedgwick County Dog License. Please bring a copy of the current vaccinations to the City Building and fill out the registration form. All fees are due at the time of registering your Dog. Also any other fees or fines (kennel fees, running at large or vicious dog fines, etc.) are still in force with the City of Bentley.

The purpose of the enforcement is to get all dogs in town registered so owners can be contacted if necessary. 

               ANIMAL CONTROL

The City of Bentley contracts with Sedgwick County Animal Control for their services.  To report an issue involving animals you may call   660-7070.

The Bentley Eagle Senior Center 

Everyone is welcome to come to the Bentley Eagle Senior Center!
Activities include: 


  • Coffee and cookies

       every day except Sunday from

       7:00 am to 9:00 am

  • Breakfast every Saturday starting May 22nd @ 7:30am

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